A K Davidson Award

Player of the Year

The Alan Davidson Award is the highest, most prestigious and most coveted award annually presented by the Club.  Instituted for one of the Magpies’ greatest ever players, this award is conferred on the player deemed by the Committee to have best fulfilled the criteria of demeanour, dress, team spirit, sportsmanship, performance, punctuality and conscientiousness.

2017-2018 Winner | Jono Cook

Jono took 56 wickets in all matches at 15.5, he was the leading wicket-taker in the Belvidere Cup with 53 wickets. He took 5 wickets in an innings 5 times (best bowling 6/90) and made 291 runs in all  matches at an average of 24.3. He also took 7 catches and as 1st Grade captain, he led by example by attending more training sessions than any other player.

Congratulations Jono on winning the Club's most prestigious award.

Past Winners of the A.K. Davidson Award

1993 Tom Shiner

1994 Paul Neville

1995 Daniel Horsley

1996 Daniel Horsley

1997 Daniel Ryan & Matthew Whitby

1998 Matthew Betsey

1999 Colin Barry 

2000 Michael Clarke

2001 Michael Clarke

2002 Peter Burkhart

2003 Peter Burkhart

2004 Russell Gascoigne

2005 Darren Simpson

2006 Daniel Smith

2007 Colin Barry & Gavan Twining

2008 Phillip Hughes

2009 Tim Sallway

2010 Joe Mennie

2011 Keegan Luiters

2012 David Paterson

2013 Peter Holland

2014 John Di Bartolo

2015 Chris Ridley

2016 Nick Cutler

2017 James Sheppard 

1967 George Jackson

1968 Dennis Kelleard

1969 Wally Wellham

1970 Peter Ferguson

1971 Kevin Heath

1972 Brian Rhodes

1973 Colin Rowe

1974 Peter Ferguson

1975 Ian Turnbull

1976 Phil Kelleard

1977 Wally Wellham

1978 Alanlble

1979 Dirk Wellham

1980 Dirk Wellham

1981 Dirk Wellham

1982 David White

1983 Lance Brooks

1984 Brett Williams

1985 David O'Neil

1986 Peter O'Reilly

1987 Murray Radcliffe

1988 Steve Jansz

1989 Brad McNamara

1990 Chris O'Neil

1991 Michael Swan

1992 Anthony McQuire

Mal Gorham Award

Players Player of the Year 

This award has been donated by Sue and Ben Gorham in memory of Mal Gorham, a Life Member of the Club. The award is voted on by all players on a 3-2-1 system for the most valuable player for that game. The award is open for all players irrespective of grade.

Games where First Grade only play are not included in the voting. The award is not purely for the best statistics but is for the player/s that made the greatest contribution to the team that game.

2018-2019 Winner | Ben Gorham

Past Winners of the Mal Gorham Award

2012 David Paterson

2013 Peter Holland

2014 Daniel McLauchlan

2015 Geoff Ashmore

2016 Colin Barry 

2017 Nick Cutler

2018 Jono Cook

2006 Shariful Islam

2007 Gavan Twining

2008 Marc Seymour

2009 Matthew Day

2010 Joe Mennie

2011 Brenton Wright 

Bob Simpson Award

Most Runs for the Season

This award is given in honour of the achievements of Wests’ premier run scorer. 
The winner of this award is the player who scored the most runs in the Sydney Grade Competition in the season irrespective of the amount of times he took to the crease.

2017-2018 Winner | James Psarakis

James Psarakis wins the Bob Simpson Award for Most Runs for Western Suburbs.

James made 603 runs in 1st Grade at an average of 43.1. He socred 1 century (118 v Blacktown) and made 4 half centuries.

Past Winners of the Bob Simpson Award

2004 Peter Burkhart

2005 Michael Bright

2006 Daniel Smith

2007 Gavan Twining

2008-09 Daniel Smith

2009-10 Keegan Luiters

2010-11 Brad Rasool

2011-12 Brad Rasool

2012-13 John Di Bartolo

2013-14 John Di Bartolo

2014-15 Michael Stead

2015-16 Nick Cutler

2016-17 Nick Cutler

1990 Steve Stapelfeldt

1991 Michael Swan

1992 Neil D'Costa

1993 Paul Ryan

1994 Marc Seymour

1995 Neil D'Costa

1996 Marc Seymour

1997 Daniel Ryan

1998 Matthew Betsey

1999 Matthew Betsey

2000 Peter Burkhart

2001 Michael J Clarke 

2002 Steve Phillips

2003 Steve Phillips 


Bill Russell Award

Fieldsman of the Year

This award has been donated by Mavis and Mark Russell in memory of Bill Russell, a long time supporter and stalwart of the Club. The award has previously been voted on by the Committee but has changed this season to be an award voted on by the teams on a game basis on a 3-2-1 system.

2018-2019 Winner | Liam Whitaker

Past Winners of the Bill Russell Award

2006 Daniel Smith

2007 Keegan Luiters

2007 John Rush

2008-09 Kabilan Bascaran

2009-10 John DiBartolo

2010-12 Peter Maxwell  

2011-12 Mafid Islam

2012-13 Franco Rocco

2013-14 Scott Cassidy

2014-15 Scott Cassidy

2015-16 Jack Thomas

2017-18 Sam McMahon

1994 Darian Hall

1995 Peter Burkhart

1996 Brad Walsh

1997 Peter Burkhart

1998 Peter Burkhart

1999 Steve Phillips

2000 Adam Turner

2001 Adrian McCaffrey

2002 Dean Hayes

2003 Daniel Smith

2004 Russell Gascoigne

2005 Nick Carruthers

Dave Brooks Award

Clubman of the Year

Throughout a long association with Wests, Dave Brooks always went out of his way to help make Wests a better Club and a more enjoyable place to play cricket.  This award recognises the Club identity whose contribution has been exceptional.

This award is presented to the person(s) considered by the committee to have made an exceptional contribution to the Club.  This award recognises service usually not over one year but over many years.

2017-2018 Winner | Lisa Nimmo

Lisa has volunteered for the club for over 10 years.

She scores for 3rd or 4th grade. She lodges all teams into My Cricket website for the up coming round and updates it as changes happen. She also attends to registrations from taking the forms to entering them in My Cricket. She updates and looks after the Wests website.She collates all points for the Mal Gorham and Bill Russel Award. Lisa also introduced 'Team app' which was an outstanding success and brought the Club closer together.

Lisa, sincerest congratulations on being awarded the Club Person of the Year. 

Past Winners of the Bill Russell Award

2002-03 Greg Michell

2003-04 Gavan Twining

2004-05 Dave Woods

2005-06 Mark Russell

2006-07 ToM Organising Committee & David O'Neil

2007-08 Scott Gartell & Paul Donvan

2008-09 Tricia Ashley

2009-10 Ross DiBartolo & Jonathan Turner

2010-11 Tim  Salway

2011-12 David O'Neil

2012-13 Toby Hynes

2013-14 Evan Dix & Geoff Wright

2014-15 Peter Cheung

2015-16 Ricky Wayde

2016-17 Mark Norris

2017-18 Lisa Nimmo 

1985 Mal Croughton

1986 Bill & Mavis Russell

1987 Steve Jansz

1988 Brian Jackson

1989 Bernie O'Neil & Gavan Twining

1990 Jim Cheeseman

1991 Steve Francis

1992 Brian Jackson

1993 Bill Neville & Shaun Vose

1994 Mark Russell

1995 Geoff Laing  

1996 Peter Bardsley

1997 Malcolm Gorham

1998 Mary & Kerry Whitby

1999 David Stanley

2000 Steve McClue

2000-01 David Woods

2001-02 Adrian McCaffrey

AW Green Trophy

Players’ Player in the Green Shield

This award is named in tribute to AW (Abby) Green a past President of our Club for a 13 year period between 1922 and 1935.  Such was his contribution that the current Under 16 competition was named after him. 

This award is for the outstanding player in the Club’s AW Green Shield side and is decided upon by the player who has earnt the highest number of Club championship points, as per SCA guidelines.

2017-18 Winner | Albert Brooks

Albert scored 130 runs at an average of 21.7 with his highest score of 57 against Uni of NSW, he also took 8 wickets at 16.5, best 3/14 against Hawkesbury and 2 catches.

Past Winners of the AW Green Trophy

2000 Tim Collins   

2001 Adam Pengilly    

2002 Michael Georgeson   

2003 Ben Georgeson 

2004 Vishva Gunaseena 

2005 Rajeev Pillay 

2006 Tom Lowe 

2007 Anton Panucci

2008 Chamath Samarasinghe

2009 Nathan Brown 

2010 Jordan Miller 

2012 Guy Seymour 

2013 Danul Dassanayake 

2014 Mafid Islam 

2015 Chris Sebamalai 

2016 Christian Lorenzato 

2017 Finn Gray 

1983 Peter Smith

1984 Paul Lawrence

1985 Brad Wilson

1986 Jamie Williams

1987 Paul Burkhart

1988 Gerard Abood

1989 Paul Knight

1990 Geoff Bower

1991 Michael Blench

1992 Gavin McDonald

1993 Shane Renneberg

1994 Troy Stanley

1995 Daniel Johnson

1996 Michael Clarke 

1997 Daniel Badger    

1998 Russell Gascoigne    

1999 Fergus Beams    

Bernie O’Neil Award

Most Improved Under 21 Player 

Former President, Bernie O’Neil, donated this award to Wests in order to recognise the season’s Most Improved Player(s) under twenty-one years of age. This award is not designed to be simply awarded to the young player(s) with the best results or greatest talent.

2017-18 Winners | Zain Shamsi and Connor Blaxhall-Hall

Again this year there are joint winners of the Bernie O'Neil Award for the Most Improved U/21 Player - Zain Shamsi and Connor Blaxhall-Hall.

Such were the performances of both players during the season, it was deemed only fitting by the Board that they share the Award. In all matches (including the Poidevin-Gray Shield), Zain took 30 wickets in 4th Grade at 16.4 and in all matches took 26 wickets at 18.2 with his best bowling of 5/8 v Parramatta (compared to taking 6 wickets the previous season!). He also made 173 runs in all matches at 13.3. Connor at just age 16 played 12 matches in 2nd Grade and would have played a full season in 2's had it not been for injury, he made exciting progress as a right arm off-spinner and deserved better reward than his 9 wickets. He made 172 runs.

Past Winners of the Bernie O’Neil Award

2003 Adam Pengilly

2004 Chris Allum, Jonathon Turner & Daniel Wright

2005 Mitch Myers

2006 Shariful Islam

2007 Matthew Day

2008 Vinayak Sasitharan, Vishnu Sarpeshkar & Mitchell Stare

2009 Geoff Ashmore & Emmanuel Parmakellis

2010 Joe Mennie

2011 Lachlan O'Connor

2012 Tahmid Islam

2013 Mitchell Fleming

2014 Liam Gibson

2015 Tahmid Islam

2016 James Shepherd 

2017 Alec Baldwin and Tom Burt

1985 Andrew Bennett

1986 Jamie Williams

1987 Geoff Laing

1988 Paul Lang

1989 Brad Wilson

1990 Shane Hadley

1991 Phil Adams

1992 Brad Walsh & Mark Ralph

1993 Geoff Bower

1994 Chris Ashenden

1995 Marc Seymour

1996 Rod Wilcox

1997 Anthony Clarke-Bruce

1998 Peter Holland

1999 Michael J Clarke

2000 Rick Lucey

2002 Rick Lucey

Wally Brown Award

Best Debut Season by an Under 21 Player

This award commemorates one of Wests' longest serving and most successful players. It is awarded to the Under 21 player judged by the Committee to have enjoyed the best debut year in grade cricket.

For the purposes of this award, a player is eligible for consideration provided that he was available for selection in at least two-thirds of the Grade matches for the current season and not having played more than three games in the previous season. 

2017-18 Winner | James Psarakis

James Psarakis is the runaway winner of the Wally Brown Award for the Best Debut Season by a U/21 player after a stunning first year with the Magpies. 

He was the leading run-scorer in 1st Grade, scored 853 runs in all matches at 32.8 and also took 6 wickets and 7 catches.

Congratulations James.

Past Winners of the Wally Brown Award

2004 Adam McCarron

2005 Nick Brady

2006 Ryan Beattie

2007 Phillip Hughes

2008 Adrian Neligan

2009 Suffan Hussan

2010 Dominic Chalker

2011 Tahmid Islam

2012 Jackson Coote & Aaron Flaherty

2013 Andrew Salkeld

2014 Nick Ford

2015 Tom McKenzie

2016 Nick Cutler 

2017 Adrian Isherwood

1989 Paul Neville

1990 Cameron Whitty

1991 Dale Turner

1992 Mark Ralph

1993 Graeme Garrett

1994 Shane Renneberg

1995 Anthony Clarke-Bruce & Peter Holland

1996 Michael Clarke & Daniel Johnson

1997 Daniel Hockey & Adam Turner

1998 Ken Greenway

1999 Fergus Beams

2000 Ben Crowley

2001 Adam Pengilly

2002 Nishant Perumalla 

2003 Nick Ashley & Scott Gale

Ewen MacPherson Award

Most Wickets in the Lower Grades 

This award is presented in memory of one of the Club’s most prolific wicket takers Ewen PacPherson. It is awarded to the player taking the most wickets in the lower three grades ( 3rd - 5th Grade). 

2017-18 Winner | Rowan Carthey

Rowan took 54 wickets at an average of just 14.2. He also took 5 wickets in an innings 5 times during the season. His best bowling was 6/26 v Mosman.

Past Winners of the Ewen MacPherson Award

2001 Brad Walsh

2002 Tim Louden

2003 Jason Wilton

2004 Peter Holland

2005 Darren Simpson

2006 Mitchell Finlay

2007 Marc Seymour

2008 Vishnu Sarpeshkar

2009 Geoffrey Ashmore

2010 Brenton Wright

2011 Soumil Chhibber

2012 Andrew Gordon

2013 Mitchell Fleming

2014 Michael Georgeson

2015 Shashi Keshar

2016 Colin Barry 

2017 Ptolomey Sofiandis 

1984 Gary Duffield

1985 Mark Hannigan

1986 Neil Brooks & Mark Tudehope

1987 Geoff Wirth

1988 Robert Hughes

1989 Mark Tudehope

1990 Chris O'Neil

1991 David O'Neil

1992 Sean Day

1993 Geoff Wirth

1994 Peter Jackson

1995 Geoff Spotswood

1996 Craig Andrews

1997 Chris O'Neil

1998 Peter Catalovski

1999 Brad Smidt

2000 Rick Lucey


Wal Walmsly Award

Wal Walmsly for the Most Wickets for the Season 

This award is given in memory of the Club’s premier First Grade wicket taker. It goes to the bowler who took the most wickets for the Club in the season.

2017-18 Winner | Rowan Carthey 

In a close finish, Rowan has won the Wal Walmsley Award for the most wickets taken throughout the five Grades. Rowan took 54 wickets - just one more than his 1st Grade Captain Jonathon Cook.

His 54 wickets were at an average of just 14.2 and 5 x 5 wickets in an innings (best bowling 6/26 v Mosmon)

Past Winners of the Wal Walmsly Award

2005-06 David Clarke

2004-05 Darren Simpson

2006-07 Colin Barry

2007-08 Grant Roden

2008-09 Matthew Day

2009-10 Joe Mennie & Brenton Wright

2010-11 Soumil Chhibber and Emmanuel Parmakellis

2011-12 Brenton Wright

2012-13 Brendon Reynolds

2013-14 Daniel MacLauchlan

2014-15 Geoff Ashmore

2015-16 Colin Lang

2016-17 James Sheppard

1990 Shane Hadley

1991 Bob Barber

1992 Shane Hadley

1993 Tom Shiner

1994 Tom Shiner

1995 Daniel Horsley

1996 Daniel Horsley

1997 Chris O'Neil

1998 Daniel Horsley

1999 Colin Barry

2000 Daniel Horsley

2000-01 Daniel Horsley

2001-02 Colin Barry

2002-03 Daniel MacLauchlan

2003-04 Daniel MacLauchlan 

Austin Diamond Award

Best Player in the Poidevin-Gray Competition

The award is in recognition of the Outstanding player of the Poidevin-Gray competition, based upon the accumulation of Champion Player Points throughout the competition.

The Club Logo was designed in Austin's memory.  

2017-18 Winner | Alec Baldwin

Alex captained the Poidevin Gray Shield team, he scored a total of 243 runs at an averate of 30.4, his highest score being 61 v Fairfield Liverpool.

Past Winners of the Austin Diamond Award

2012 Guy Seymour

2013 Liam Gibson

2014 Liam Gibson 

2015 Liam Gibson

2016 Adrian Isherwood 

Herbert Pratten Award

Most Runs at Pratten Park for the Season

This award is to recognise the contribution of the Pratten family to the Club.

The home Ground of WSDCC is Pratten Park.

The award goes to the player who scores the most runs on Pratten Park throughout the season. 

2017-18 Winner | James Psarakis

James scored 383 at Pratten Park, his highest score being 66. He recieves the Herbert 'Bert' Pratten Award.  

Past Winners of the Herbert Pratten Award

2013 Chris Ridley - 326 Runs

2014 John Di Bartolo - 615 Runs

2015 Shenal Siriwardhane - 285 Runs

2016 Fabian Cowdrey - 516 Runs 

2016-17 Nick Cutler